Do's and Don'ts when entering a Buddhist Temple

Every religion and culture has its own customs, and it is important to know the do’s and don’ts before visiting a place of worship. The following applies to visiting a Buddhist Temple:

Do's at a Buddhist Temple

  • Pay your respects to Buddha: When you enter a Buddhist temple, make sure you bow in front of Buddha statue, by doing this you will show your respect and humbleness toward Buddha.

The top 3 Buddhist sites in Nepal

Buddhism is a religion that was founded by Buddha also known as Gautama Siddhartha. It began in Nepal about 2,600 years ago, from where Buddha was born at Lumbini. The land of near Kapilavastu which was apparently the birth place of Suddhodana,

The top 3 Temples in Bangkok, Thailand

There are several Hollywood movies that have been shot in Thailand's most popular city - Bangkok. This city is well known for its markets, affordable products, tourist attractions, culture and most importantly - Buddhist temples and museums.